In 2019…
Would you join Corunet?

New year brings new projects and we are going to need some help for some of them: if you are not afraid of big projects or professional challenges, we would like to hear from you.

Which is our offer?


Our office is located in a privileged environment, just in the promenade of A Coruña and right next to the MUNCYT.

It is easy to arrive walking by the sea, by public or private transport and parking is not a problem.

A very bright office and good views of the sea and the Tower of Hercules.

Leading projects

We develop software for important retail and banking companies, creating front and back-end environments to manage big volumes of data.

Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot let you know the clients we work for, but these are the technologies we use everyday:

Java, Spring Project, React, Angular, Couchbase, Oracle, Mongo, DB2, Kafka, MQ, Oracle Coherence, OpenShift…

Knowing everything is impossible, but we like people who don’t mind learning new languages or, from time to time, switch between projects.

Solid trajectory

We started coding 18 years ago and, although our team has been increasing over time, we try to grow slowly and maintain our roots:

Balanced salaries
We believe in accordingly remunerated well done jobs.
Positive work environment
Horizontality, self-organized teams, mobility between projects and shared knowledge.
Professional challenges
We love to work on attractive projects that require continuous learning.
Gender equity
We are aware of the existing imbalance on ITC and the need to mitigate it.

We are not seeking people for specific positions, but to join the team stably, regardless of the projects we are working on.

That's why we offer an indefinite contract and flexible schedule for family conciliation or academic studies.

We grow as a team

You will perfectly fit in Corunet if…

You enjoy absurd humor, gifs, memes and wordplay.

Specially tennis, paddle tennis, soccer, basketball or athletics. Although we are tolerant, we will joke with you if you support Celta de Vigo. And some Friday afternoons, we play!.

You think that having a full-time job should not be incompatible with having a family and take care of it. Or with your academic studies.

And you don’t have an allergy to dogs. We have Piti, an adopted female dog, everyday in the office.

We have our own band (The Corunettes) sometimes jamming on Fridays.

After having lunch in the office, you can choose to take a walk by the promenade or play card games indoor.

Of course, none of this is mandatory. In exception of tolerance for absurd humor and Piti ;)

Would you join us?

If you have studied computer science or any other degree related to our work (or you still are) and you think you can fit into the team, send us an email to and tell us about yourself!